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I’ve had three colleagues from my graduate program at school approach me asking if my company is hiring freelance writers right now. My company is fully staffed and we don’t have any freelance work, but I thought this was interesting enough for a post and today I’m going to share the freelance writing resource I gave to my friends and provide more for you to check out. For those who don’t know, freelance writing is contact writing for hire–it could be writing a magazine article, a blog post, a radio spot, or a chapter in a travel guide.

Freelance Writing Jobs:

Freelance Writing Jobs is by far the most popular resource for freelance writing jobs online—if you’re looking for a writer, you’re going to this site; if you’re looking for a writing job, you’re there too. As an aside, the history of Freelance Writing Jobs is a fantastic story of a “mommy blogger,” Deborah Ng, whose website’s popularity went from an individual blog to the most popular writing resource website online—Deb has her own staff now.

Another excellent resource for freelance writing jobs is John Hewitt’s blog—John is a writer and editor and his frequent posts also include great writing tips!

Other Writing Resources:

I glean most of what I know about professional writing from blogs I subscribe to. For information on living as a freelance writer, I enjoy reading Lorna and Tamara’s insightful and honest posts on Freelance Parent.

Professional writing coach, Joanna Young also frequently posts advice for professional writing on her blog, Confident Writing.

Several other excellent writers’ group blogs I keep up with are Write to Done, Copyblogger, and Renegade Writer.

Why am I telling you this? writing-2

The main reason I am telling you this is that I’m personally quite interested in starting a freelance business of my own once I’m finished grad school. Freelancing allows you the ability to work from home, work as often or as little as you want, and work for yourself. I’m not saying that freelance writing will be my full-time career—it won’t be. But I think it’s an excellent money for making a little extra money on the side.

Do you have what it takes to be a freelance writer?

Yes! You do. You don’t need a BA in English or Journalism to be a freelance writer. All you need to do is have an opinion, some expertise on ANY subject, and the ability to express those two things through writing. You’ll recall my earlier posts about the process of editing and how to properly self-edit, and if you take the time to practice your self editing you’ll fix your writing for freelance possibilities in no time—not to mention that freelance material has to go through an editor who will change the wording and correct the mistakes anyway. So, there is a freelance job out there if you love sports, food, travel, gadgets, movies, politics, medicine, gaming, networking, social media, or pretty much anything you’re passionate about. It’s not a cake-walk, you’ll have to put some effort into styling your writing and developing your opinion, but you can do it!

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